Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Bosnia & Herzegovina is  relatively small country in central Europe. Despite lying behind the iron curtain, while it has not lost the populations of large predators that many other countries in Europe have, they are more depressed than in some countries in this part of the continent.

Recent surveys suggest that there are around 1000 bears, 400 wolves and around 50 lynx within the country. Predation of livestock by these animals is not compensated – when this is the case there is often a greater mortality rate, as farmers take protecting their livestock into their own hands.

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 The country of Bosnia & Herzegovina is mainly hilly to mountainous. The average altitude is 500m. 5% of the land area is considered lowland, 24% hills, 42% mountainous and 29% Karst (this is an area of limestone, which often wears away unevenly, resulting in al sorts of rock formations. Part of the Dinirac Alps – they are not officially part of the Alps, but we have included them anyway.


Bear dsitribution in Bosnia & Herzengovia
Wolf distribution in Bosnia

What is clear, is that interest in the wolves and bears amongst tourists is likely to encourage ecotourism to become an industry in Bosnia & Herzegovina. This country has suffered greatly over the last half a century or more, however, as a result many animals have survived alongside them – tourism will show them what this is worth.

Bison have not yet got any presence in the country.

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