Blue Monkey

Also known as the diademed monkey, this species roams through central and eastern Africa, ranging from the upper Congo River basin east to the East African Rift and south to northern Angola and Zambia.

Perhaps, unsurprisingly, given its huge range, there are a number of subspecies

  • Boutourlini’s blue monkey, found in Western Ethiopia
  • Elgon blue monkey
  • Lomami River blue monkey, found in Congo
  • Kolb’s monkey, found in Kenya
  • Pluto monkey, found in Angola
  • Moloney’s blue monkey
  • Cercopithecus mitis opitsthosticus -cannot find a common name of this
  • Schouteden’s blue monkey, found in Congo
  • Stuhlmann’s blue monkey

At times, some of these have been regarded as full species, and additional subspecies have been considered valid, while others are not recognized by all authorities. In addition  Sykes’, silver, and golden monkeys are sometimes considered subspecies.

Oddly, as you can see from the image, this species is not blue, which makes its name strange.

The blue monkey is found in evergreen forests and montane Bamboo forests, and lives largely in the forest canopy only returning to the ground very occasionally. It is very dependent on humid, shady areas with plenty of water. It eats mostly fruit and leaves, but will take some slower-moving invertebrates. It prefers to live in tall trees, which provide both food and shelter, however, like other Guernons this unfortunately is becoming their downfall, as the areas they prefer are also the most valuable to loggers. In areas where pine plantations have replaced native forest, their behaviour can damage the trees (stripping bark to look for food below) which has resulted in them regularly being killed. It is also hunted for bushmeat.

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