Bali wildlife

While Bali is well known for its extinct animals, there are still an interesting variety of living ones. Famous lost animals include tigers, rhino and even leopards.

Living species include squirrels, Asian palm civets, a variety of bats, a crab eating mechanics and Javan languars although they are rarely spotted. One of the most well-known wilderness is the west Bali national park. There are impressive coral reefs around the coast and these host a wide variety of marine life including Hawksbill turtles giant sunfish giant manta rays giant Moray eels bumper head parrot fish hammerhead sharks reef sharks barracuda and sea snakes. Dolphins are commonly encountered along the North coast. Scientists catalogues 952 types of reef fish and 393 coral species.

As with many precious places with wildlife, if visiting Bali make sure that you do something which shows that you value wildlife surviving. We hope over time to have some ideas

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