Bale mountain vervet Genus Chlorebus

Bale mountains Vervet Monkey

This monkey is found in the Bale mountains of Ethiopia, in the bamboo forests. They rely on the bamboo for their diet, which means that they are generally restricted to it. As much as 77% of its dietary requirements comes from African alpine bamboo. In continuous forest they eat around 10 species, however in broken forests their choice of plants can be as much as 5 times higher – these populations can consume as little as 2% of their food from bamboo. It is unclear if this is as a result of the hybridisation or a natural adaption. It does mean that should an area of bamboo be destroyed, then unlike giant pandas they can simply start eating something else until the bamboo recovers. When they live near human settlements, they will also happily raid human crops.

In the past, fragmentation has lead to contact with vervet monkey and Grivet. While this is thought to be around a century ago, it has left traces on the genetic make-up of the animal.

Currently, it is only listed on CITES appendix 2, so it is not close to being extinct. However it is occasionally hunted, and if human behaviour was to change its population could fall very fast.

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