Atacama desert, Chile

The Atacama desert is the driest place on earth, with an average rainfall of just 1mm per year. The desert is at 2km altitude. While just 94 miles wide, it is 625 miles long. The main reason for its small rainfall, is that the Andes on one side causes all clouds to release their moisture, and on the other side the Pacific coastal mountains have a similar effect.

Around 1 million people live in this hostile environment, collecting water from mists that roll in from the sea.

Guanaco, Flamingo, Culpeo Fox, Vicugna, Andean Condor, Scorpions, Llama, South American Grey Fox, Grey fox, Chilean flamingo, Andean mountain cat, Viscacha, Alpaca, Andean mountain cat, Viscacha, Alpaca, Southern Viscacha, and Humboldt penguins 

El Tatio Geyser Field lies within the Atacama desert. It is the third largest geyser field in the world. There are more than 80 active geysers, with 30 being perpetual spouters. There are also hots springs, and 5 mud pots

El Tatio Geyser Field, phto credit Diego Delso
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