Bovidae family (including Aegodontia &Boodontia) or Antelope family tree

Antelope lie in the Bovidae family, and account for around 2/3 of the 135 Bovidae species that exist in the world. It should be noted that deer come from the family Cervidae, which means that despite looking extremely similar, antelope are more closely related to cattle than they are to deer.

There are 91 antelope species in the world with 72 found in Africa, 14 in Asia, with the last 5 found in Eastern Europe.

There are 8 subfamilies in Africa

1. Subfamily Bovinae

Spiral horned antelopes made up of tribe Tragelaphini: 9 species 4 subspecies.

2. Subfamily Reduncinae

Rhebok, reedbucks, and waterbucks 8 Species, 11 Subspecies

3. Subfamily Peleinae:

 1 Species

4. Subfamily Alcelaphinae


Sassabies, hartebeests, and wildebeests: 6 Species (depending on how you count, it can be anywhere from 6 to 10) , 19 Subspecies

5. Subfamily Hippotraginae

Grazing antelope: 7 Species, 4 Subspecies

6. Subfamily Aepycerotinae

Impala: 1 Species which is impala, 2 Subspecies

8. Subfamily Cephalophinae

 Duiker: 17 Species, 7 Subspecies

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