Angolan Talopian

The Angolan Talopian is also known as the Southern Talopian, it is the smallest member of the old world primate family. It is banded black and yellow on its side and grey or white on their stomach.

Found South of the Congo river, in the coastal watersheds of many of the rivers of the area (Mebridege, Loge, Cuanza, Nhia and Cuvo. They are found as far south as the coast of Angola.

One of the smallest monkeys of Africa, they have a head and body length of roughly 40cm with a tail length of around 50cm. Males weigh on average about 1.4kg.

It is limited to dense evergreen areas of vegetation on the banks of rivers that often flow throu Miombo woodland or when that is cleared areas which are now being cultivated.

In terms of their status, they are CITES apendix 2, which means that they are not currently endangered.

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