Canaima National park and the Angel falls



Canaima National park contains the highest waterfall in the world. With the water falling 16 times as far as it does over the Niagara falls, the water falls 979m. The park, however, is far more than the waterfall covering 11,580 square miles (30,000 square km). About 2/3 of the park is occupied by plateaus of rock called Tepulas, which are a kind of table-top mountain millions of years old, with vertical walls and almost flat tops. These constitute a unique biological environment and are also of great geological interest. They have almost vertical cliffs, and plenty of waterfalls, including Angel falls which is the highest waterfall in the world, at 979 metres (3,212 ft) create spectacular landscapes.

The most famous tepuis in the park are Mount Roraima the tallest and easiest to climb, and Auyantepui, the site of Angel Falls. The tepuis are sandstone and date back to a time when South America and Africa were part of a super-continent.


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