The Highlands, Scotland, UK

The highlands of Scotland is an odd place. It has one of the lowest densities of humans, but at the same time the UK has eradicated the majority of predators, and despite being required by European law, has ruled out reintroducing any predators that once lived here.

I would love to see a small number of wolf packs roaming the highlands, to keep the prey on the move.

There is still a wide range of wildlife to spot in the highlands, and it is a beautiful place to visit. The problem is that at the current time, it is mostly not in a natural state. Furthermore, it is unfortunately very hard to regrow the Caledonian forests, as there are so many red deer.

 A wide variety of other animals and birds can be spotted in the area. For instance, black grouse, golden eagles, osprey and ptarmigan. Also, you can spot capercaillie, pine martens, squirrels (red ones, of course!) and otters, to name but a few. There have been a small number of reindeer reintroduced (native but locally extinct).

The eastern highlands are largely included in a range of mountains called the Cairngorms which are also a fascinating area to explore

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