Western Slender snouted crocodile

Similar to the Central slender snouted crocodile (which was only clearly found to be separate in 2018). Like its cousin, it has a very pointed nose, which it uses to eat small fish and invertebrates. Males reach 3m-4m in length, and weigh between 125kg and 325kg.

Generally recognized as data deficient, the numbers are certainly low. When the two slender snouted crocodile species were thought to be one, they were classed as critically endangered, so it is unlikely that either has a more healthy population.

Clearly more information is needed.

They still are found in parts of Ghana,but a recent genetic study in USA zoos found that a number of their slender snouted crocodiles were of this species, giving greater hope. There is an effort to breed them in captivity.

What is clear is that more information is required.

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