Switzerland is a landlocked country, which is largely mountainous.

There are a population of 200-250 Lynx in the Swiss Alps, and Jura mountains.

There is no permanent population of Bears in the country, though with the population in Trentino Italy, there are relatively regular visitors. As yet none appear to have settled.

Wolves are also roaming into the country from time to time. It is true that hunters have usually targeted them whenever they are near, but over time they are likely to refill the country.

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There is a  population of wolves in the country, which is numbered at around 30-35. Wolves have been sighted in 17 of the 26 districts. Oddly a bbc report from 2021 suggested that there were 100 wolves in the country in 8 packs, but this number is clearly at odds with the conclusion of the majority of wolf studies in the country.

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