Romania is a country that is similar in size to the UK and is the 12th largest in Europe. Despite this, it has a wealth of wildlife, partly as a result of 35% of it being covered by the Carpathians. 

Wolves are found throughout the Romanian Carpathians and the surrounding area consisting of about 50% of the countries area. Despite this, wolves are not easy to see on a visit.

Romania is a stronghold of bears in Europe, partly because during the Communist era, only high ranking people were allowed to hunt them. About 5000 live here, or roughly 35% of the European bear population outside Russia.

Lynx are also found throughout the Romanian Carpathians, and are thought to number about 2000

Bison were locally extinct from about the 1800, but have been reintroduced in the Tarcu Mountains (part of the Carpathian great arc and lying in the South West of the country, and currently have a population of about 105.


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