Mozambique is a country in Southern Africa. While it has a range of reserves, for many of them poaching has caused problems. However, a section of the Limpopo Transfrontier park is in Mozambique which means that animals can, and have been returning from South Africa.

Mozambique’s wildlife is perhaps more skittish, but with perseverance amazing encounters are there to be had, and often there is no-one around

There are other reserves within the Mozambique borders, and the full extent of the Limpopo when fully formed will include a large area within Mozambique. it should also be noted that the Limpopo Transfrontier park is named after the river, but part of the Mozambique area within the Transfrontier park is Limpopo national park.

This is not the only natural wealth of the country and I hope to add far more over time


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The Limpopo ecosystem is one of the biggest and most full of wildlife. A sizable portion of it is in Mozambique – there are plans for this area to expand further. Click here to view this page

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