Javan Warty Pig

It is endemic to the Indonesian islands Java and Bawean, and is considered extinct on Madura. Not surprisingly, they are considered endangered.

The Javan warty pig is found in Leuweung Sancang Nature Reserve and Meru Betiri National Park in southern Java, Nusakambangan Nature Reserve on the Nusa Kambangan island and in a protected area on the Bawean island. It is found at altitiudes below 800 m in grassland and secondary forest.

The population more than halved between 1982-2006, and the current population was estimated by a recent survey of between 172-377, making this the most endangered species of pig on the planet.

One of the biggest threats to this species is interbreeding with a subspecies of wild boar, known as the Indonesian wild boar, though locally more commonly known as the banded pig. They can interbreed with this species, and so are threatening to wipe out the species by hybridization.

The most recent move by conservationists, is to capture remaining pure Javan warty pigs, breed them in captivity and then rerelease them back into the world. This is obviously hard, as DNA tests will be needed to confirm which animals should be used. Another tool, is getting locals on team, by educating them on the difference between the two species.

The video beneath is from the Bawean island – only around 250 remain.

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