Cuban Crocodile

A wild Cuban crocodile

Now endemic to Cuba, this is a mid-sized crocodilian, usually around 2.1-2.3m though large males have been recorded at 3.5m or more. They were once found throughout the Caribbean, but are now restricted to e Zapata Swamp and Isla de la Juventud, due to overhunting by humans. They are classed as critically endangered, with a current range of only around 200 square miles. Historically, they were found in the Cayman islands and the Bahamas, but being freshwater crocodiles, rarely swimming in salty water, it is hard to repopulate this places.

It is listed as critically endangered, and is cites appendix 1. There are a number of this species in captivity, in Europe USA and India, suggesting that if lost from the wild they could be reintroduced (though stopping this happening would be far easier.

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