Clouded leopard and Sunda clouded leopard

Clouded leopards are found in the forests of South East Asia. Both Poaching and habitat loss threaten their future survival

Clouded leopards are actually one of the most ancient cat species, however due to their inability to roar or purr, they cannot officially be considered a big cat (roar) or a small cat (purr) due to their definition, which puts them in an odd category. They are most closely related to snow leopards, and are in the same family as the big cats from genetic research.

This is the range of the Clouded Leopard. As you can see, as this cat is not easy to see, it makes it is hard for it to be clear what its current range is. However, if you simply compare extinct to all possible remaining habitat, you can see the best possibiltiy is that range has reduced by around 50%

The clouded leopard has been split into two species – the Clouded leopard found on mainland Asia, and the Sunda clouded leopard found on Borneo and Sumatra (these Sunda Clouded leopards have not interbred for a very long time so are considered 2 subspecies). 

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