Bateke Plateau national park

The Bateke Plateau Forest Savanna is a unique landscape for central Africa. Dominated by a giant ancient sand dune system, the land is covered by large grass and wooded savanna patches separated by fine lines of dense gallery forest, and several turquoise blue river valleys. This means that this reserve has a unique mix of species, with lions live in this reserve, along side chimpanzee and gorilla, and both species of elephant 

The rich mosaic of habitat allows for a wide range of species to thrive in Plateau Batéké. Scientists have confirmed a total of 655 plant species, 373 bird species, 47 mammal species and 14 reptile species in and around the park.

This region is home to the Western Gorillas (critically endangered) and Slender-snouted Crocodiles (critically endangered), Chimpanzees (endangered), African Savanna Elephants (endangered) and Grey Parrots (endangered). Lions (In general, African lions are listed as vulnerable (though given their population is still falling and is probably around 20,000, down from much higher numbers 100 years ago)) is west Africa are  (like the central African lion) Asiatic lions (the Asiatic lion name makes no sense as there are more Asiatic lions in Africa), Leopards (vulnerable), African Golden Cats (vulnerable) will all benefit from this protection, as well as White-bellied Pangolins (endangered) and Giant Ground Pangolins (endangered). There are also both forest elephants and savannah elephants in the reserve.

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