Bafing Biosphere reserve - containing Wongo, Kouroufing and Bafing national parks

The Baffing biosphere reserve contains the Wongo national park, as well as both the Kouroufing and Bafing naitonal parks.

The Wongo national park only covers 206 square miles, with Lake Manatali in the north east (an artificial lake). It is particularly dedicated to the conservation of chimpanzee (though it has not been well maintained, and it is unclear if the chimpanzee survives in the area.

Kouroufing national park (covering 215 square miles) is (like Wongo) dedicated to the protection of chimpanzees. Unfortunately, little tourist facilities exist, which means that few people visit – and so there is not as much income coming to the area as there should be (which in turn. means it is harder to justify its existence to local inhabitants.

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