Australian little penguin

The Australian little penguin was considered the same species as the New Zealand little penguin, up until 2016. It should be noted that 190 years previously, when it was first described, it was listed as a separate species in its own right. The new zealand species can be viewed here

It is also listed as least concern, and shares a total population (I can only find accurate population estimates from before the split ) of 350-600,000.

Growing to the same size as the little penguin of 30-33cm and 1.5kg, with the same colouring it is not surprising that they were thought to be the same species for so long. The live to 6.5 years on average. As with the little penguin, they can live to 25 in captivity.

Below this box is a short video with someone giving 10 facts about these small Australian penguins. Below that is a list of any articles on the species on this website, and below that, we will list a list of opportunities to see this species in the wild.

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