Venezuela is the 4th largest country in South America, and lies at the top of South America. .Venezuela lies to the north of Brazil Suriname, Guyana.  It should be noted that central America is part of the Northern American continent, so any areas of Columbia which lie north of the mainland and is as far north you can go before entering north America.

There is a range of areas in Venezuela which are of interest for those who like to see wildlife. I hope over the next few years to link to as many of these as possible.

The ecosystems of Venezuela include mountains, coral reefs forests and lastly a vast Savannah ecosystem which straddles acros both Venezuela and Columbia. This is one of the worlds richest tropical grasslands and geographically and culturally different to anywhere else, This region is one of the lesser known in Latin America. Never the less, it covers 376,000 square km and stretches through this region of Columbia and into Venezuela. Bizarrely this area is still largely undiscovered by tourism

Venezuela Regions

Links to areas to visit will appear below the news section.  Please note, while it is not possible to add sightings to this map above. This is because the whole country is is a specific regional ecosystem. Over time every area will become clickable, so that you can access the ecosystem and record sightings.

Help us build up a map of where wildlife has been seen. Add any sightings of mammals that you encounter. As this map starts to be used, we will greatly reduce how long sightings remain free for anyone to see, so that hunters and poachers cannot use this as a resource. The idea is that over time we can build up an idea of exactly where we should look for them.

Canaima national park lies within Venezuela, and while its name is not well know, there is a geographic feature that is. The Angel falls, the tallest waterfall in the world lies within this park. While we do not yet have any connections to assist in a trip to this location, our page on the subject is linked here 

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