Ursine howler copyright Luis Zabala CC by SA 2.0

Ursine howler monkey

The ursine howler  is a species of howler monkey native to Venezuela and possibly Colombia. It is sometimes considered a subspecies of the Venezuelan red howler (this species also goes by the name of the Columbian red howler, and is listed as such on this website) and classified as Alouatta seniculus arctoidea.

It is listed as least concern, though as with many of these species, there are few estimates to the actual size of the population. Unfortunatley, as with most rainforest species, even if its population is currently least concern, without a significant change to how humans operate, it is likely to be threatened in the future.

Below is our customary news section for this species, and below that we will add links for you to try to see this species in its native habitat

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