African wolf in Tunisia (unknown copyright status, get in touch if the copyright is broken


Predators include caracal, wild cat, Serval, African genet, Egyptian mongoose, stripped hyena, African golden wolf, ruppells fox, red fox and fennec fox, Saharan striped polecat, Eurasian otter and Medditeranian monk seal (only 600-700 remain in the wild). Barbary deer and barbary sheep still live along side boar, scimiter Oryx and 3 gazelle species Cuvier’s, Dorcas and Rhim.

Many other larger species such as lion, elephant and brown bear have been lost over the years. One species thought locally extinct was the leopard, but a surviving population was discovered in the 1990s in the Atlas mountains.

At the current time around 6% of the total land area is protected. There are currently 44 designated sites, including 17 national parks and 27 nature reserves.

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