Apparently Democrat voters are not impressed with what Biden is doing for climate change

More than 80% of democratic voters believe that Biden has not done enough for climate change. Now it is certainly true that overall, just 15% of republicans think that Bidens plans are a good idea, while 79% of democrats approve of the direction.

What does this say? Well there are several things to bare in mind. Firstly, as Trump spent the last 4 years lying to his supporters, it is not surprising that they think that what Biden is doing is not necessary. What is perhaps more worrying, is the fact that this is roughly half the population in one of the most highly educated countries in the world – which does not believe in scientific facts, because they were lied to.

Unfortunately, Joe Manchin a democratic senator has been able to block much of the needed action. A new bill which he did support, has recently passed, which aims to cut emissions by 30% (against 1995 levels) by 2030 levels. If this happens then this is fantastic news.

Given a choice between Biden with his hands tied behind his back by Manchin, and Trump who did nothing but make it worse, any sensible person would choose Biden every time.

Microsoft has pledged to go go carbon neutral by 2030, and significantly carbon negative by 2050 to have offset all emissions the company has ever made

Microsoft is one of the largest companies in the world, in the late 90s dominated the computing world and it is still the case that the majority of desktop and laptop computers run on Windows. 

Now although being a computer company it is not the most polluting company in the world given that it has a lot of money it is wonderful to see it undoing any environmental damage it has done over its lifetime.

The 2030 target is intended to be met through a series of different methods. First they aim to half the carbon emissions of a company by 2030, and then to offset the rest using reforestation, soil carbon sequestration and carbon dioxide capture from the air both for permanent storage and as a power source.

This plan also includes a billion dollars invested into a climate innovation fund who will be tasked with coming up with ideas for carbon removal and sequestration.

While Microsoft is not exactly been quick to this realisation and may well have been scared by the moves many other companies have had to deal with from their employees it is good to see them taking this action now.

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