Also known as the Cachalot is both the largest toothed whale and largest toothed predator. It is found around the world. They have no natural predators, though both young and the weakened elderly are sometimes taken by pods of killer whales.

Growing up to 16m in length and with a head 5m long, they can dive to depths of 2250m, and have been timed staying under for 2 hours at a time. They live for around 70 years.

They have a substance called Ambergris which is highly valued in the perfume industry, and beach-combers often find this on the beach.

Males grow to 45 tonnes and 16m, while females grow to 15 tonnes and 11m.

They feed on animals like squids and giant squids, along with sharks and rays that they find deep in the ocean.

It is unknown how many there are, but it is thought that the population numbers in the hundreds of thousands. The current biggest threat, is as a result of tangle in fishing lines and nets. In some parts of the world, fishermen claim that they have kills stolen by the sperm whales deep in the ocea.

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