Specticaled caymen by gailhampshire

Spectacled caiman

Spectacled caiman are are also known as white caiman, common caiman and even speckled caiman.

The diet of the spectacled caiman includes crabs and snail in the wet season, while it will eat fish in the dry season. Larger members will regularly consume mammals as well. Analysis of stomach content, has shown that more than 50% also regularly consume grass and seeds. 

They can make 9 different sounds to communicate, along with 13 visual displays that have been recorded. Females grow to a length of 1.2m while males grow to 1.4m. It has been introduced into Cuba Puerto Rico and Florida (where it is often mistaken for alligators.

The populations is estimated to be in the millions with Venezuela housing 4 million alone (though numbers are not this high in every country, with Peru only hosting one area that is suitable). Initially not hunted due to bumps in its skin, as the crocodile population declined it has started to be hunted, however, due to the hunters generally targeting large males which largely protects the population. In areas where they have been introduced, the effect is thought to be negative, with the Cuban crocodile population reducing as a result. They have also replaced the black caiman in parts of the Amazon.

It is currently listed as least concern, though 2 subspecies are on the CITES Appendix 2 and one on Appendix 1.

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