Siamese Crocodile

This is a freshwater species found in all kinds of freshwater ways, within its range. It is 2.1-3m as an adult and weighs between 40-120kg.

It is critically endangered, and is considered appedix i of CITES. It is highly endangered in the wild, though there is a healthy captive population. Given, it was considered extinct in the wild back in 1992 so it has improved.

There is currently a not insubstantial population, though it is heavily fragmented across its range. As such, until the population has greatly improved, it is likely to require substantial effort from humans with regular translocations between different places. This way, the whole species can be considered a mega population, and the genetic variability can be kept high, until the population recovers. Poaching is common, where they are put in breeding farms and hybridized with other large crocodile species.

There are various places where good conservation could rapidly change the situation. They are thought to roam Java and Kalimantan, but surveys are essential to work out if this rumour is true or not. if they have held on, these forgotten habitats may prove a safer nursery than elsewhere.

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