Red river hog Rufus46 CC BY SA 3.0

Red river hog

Also, confusingly referred to as the bush pig (confusing as there is a species specifically known as a bush pig), this is a species which is found in the rainforests of west Africa. 

Although red river hogs are often active during the day they are primarily nocturnal or crepuscular (active during the early morning and evening). They typically live in small groups, usually 6-10 animals, with one adult male, and a number of adult females and their young. Larger groups, some with over 30 individuals, have been noted in particularly favourable habitats. The boar defends his harem aggressively against predators, with leopards being a particularly common threat.

They can make a variety of different squeals and grunts, which can be understood by the rest of the group: these can signal alarm, distress, or passive contact.

The species is omnivorous, eating mainly roots, bulbs, and tubers, and supplements its diet with fruit, seeds, nuts, water plants, grasses, herbs, fungi, eggs, dead animal and plant remains, insects, snails, lizards, other reptiles, and domestic animals such as piglets, goats, and sheep.

They are known to damage human crops, such as cassava and yams.

Young are born between the beginning of the dry season in February, up to the middle of the rainy season in July. The females are pregnant for around 4 months.

They can live to 15 years, and are considered least concern

Below is a video of this species, unfortunately, I could not find footage from the wild. Below that will be a list of any articles on this species that might have been published, or might be published in the future. Below this, I will add any contacts that will help you see this species int eh wild (as I make them)

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