Red-eared Guenon

The red-eared guenon also called red-eared monkey, or russet-eared guenon is an African old world monkey. It is found in subtropical and tropical moist lowland forests in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Nigeria. IUCN considers this species vulnerable, and it is threatened by habitat loss, illegal bushmeat hunting and pet trade. The red-eared guenon is found in primary and secondary lowland tropical and sub-montane moist forest, and sometimes lives in close proximity to humans, as on Bioko.

It has a partly prehensile tail, used mostly in young rearing. It is a quiet and easily overlooked species, when making noises it only makes a quiet trill.

There are two recognised subspecies, Cameroon Red-eared Monkey identified in 1940 (from the Cross River in south eastern Nigeria and to just north of the Sanaga River in south western Cameroon) and Bioko Red-eared Monkey (identified in 1838):Bioko island in Equatorial Guinea.

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