Purus red howler monkey

The Purús red howler (Alouatta puruensis) is a species of howler monkey native to Brazil, Peru and north of Bolivia. They live in tropical lowland rainforest and riverine floodplain forest.

There are many subspecies that are recognized and they are as follows:

  • A. p. amazonica
  • A. p. arctoidea
  • A. p. insulanus
  • A. p. juara
  • A. p. macconnelli
  • A. p. puruensis
  • A. p. sara
  • A. p. seniculus
  • A. p. stramineus

This species is listed as Least Concern given its widespread distribution and lack of apparent major threats believed to be resulting in a significant decline that would warrant listing the taxon in Near Threatened or a threatened category. Further survey work is needed to clarify the distribution limits of the species and each of its subspecies.

As always, I hope to list places to see this species in the wild in the near future. If you wish to advertise somewhere, do get in touch.

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