Palawan bearded pig photo credit P. A. Regoniel

Palawan Bearded Pig

Considered a subspecies of the Bornean bearded pig, until recently, it is native to the Philippines, where it is found on the archipelago of islands formed by Balabac, Palawan, and the Calamian Islands.

When fully grown it is 1-1.6m long, around 1m tall and can weigh 150kg.

While it has been domesticated in the past, it does not appear to be currently farmed.

It is listed as near threatened. Given the changes going on, on its islands homes, this may well get worse

The video below gives you some footage of one of these pigs. It is unfortunately in a language which I do not understand, and has no subtitles. Never-the-less, it is worth seeing to see what this species is like.

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