North Sulawesi babirusa

The North Sulawesi babirusa is native to Sulawesi and some nearby islands (Lembeh, Buton and Muna) in Indonesia. It has two pairs of large tusks composed of enlarged canine teeth. The upper canines penetrate the top of the snout, curving back toward the forehead.  Their colouring is grey-brown and they are hairless, though this gives them a surprisingly good camouflage.

The North Sulawesi babirusa is threatened from hunting and habitat loss, due to deforestation – unfortunately the case for pretty much every rainforest species.

Its various scientific names, come from its local name – pig-deer, as it is suggested that its teeth look like antlers. It grows to 80-110cm and weighs up to 100kg. It lives its life in the undergrowth of the forest, and along the shore of local rivers. 

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