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Moukalabe-Doudau National park

Moukalaba-Doudou National Park  is a national park in Gabon. It covers an area of 4,500 km2 (1,700 sq mi).The national park includes various habitat types, including humid rain forest and savannah grasslands. The WWF started a development programme in the park in 1996. This site was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on October 20, 2005, in the Mixed (Cultural & Natural) category.

Both chimpanzees and gorillas are doing well in the reserve, and there is a habituated gorilla group. Elephants and hippos are found here, alongside a wide range of primate species.

The park covers both large areas of rainforest, areas of grasslands, and coastal area. I will add more information as I come across more.

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