Desert warthog, Photo from Tsavo national park, Kenya

Desert warthog

This species is found in Kenya and Somalia. It is possibly found in Djibouti, Eritrea, and Ethiopia (this is the range of the nominate subspecies). It should be noted, that it was formerly recognized as a subspecies of the common warthog, but it was then recognized as a subspecies in its own right. 

There was also formerly a desert warthog subspecies in South Africa, though this went extinct in 1870.

They are considered least concern, suggesting that there is no current risk of extinction.

The habitat of the desert warthog is open arid countryside including thin woodland with scattered trees, xerophytic scrubland and sandy plains, but not upland areas. It needs regular access to waterholes, which means that it is not unusual to find them in higher densities around villages, where water leaks are more common.

They generally live in sounders of up to 10, though these are made of females and their offspring. Males live in groups that live close by, but are separate. Each sounder has a home range of around 10 miles, and these home ranges can overlap.

While their range is not huge, and I can find no estimate for the population size of the wild animal, they are listed as least concern, suggesting that they have no danger of extinction at the current time.

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