Dall's Porpoise

Lying in its own genus of Phocoenoides, the dalls porpoise is found to the west of North America and the East of Asia. The largest porpoise species they can grow to 2.3m and 220kg. Living in fluid groups of 2-10, Males compete for females, and many will guard a single female during the breeding season, in order to be sure that any offspring is theirs.

Females give birth around once every 3 years, with pregnancy lasting 11-12 months. They often ride boats bow-ride, and even will do the same on bigger whales.

They are abundant, in their range, and have a population of around 1 million in the wild.

There is a range of different sub-populations, but given the size of the overall population it should be secure in the long-term. Of course the problem is that this could change fast.

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