Celebes Warty Pig or Sulawesi Warty pig

Found, (natively) only on the island of Sulawesi (and small nearby islands), Indonesia, it survives in most habitats on the island, living up to altitudes of 2500m. Having been domesticated, it has been introduced to various other islands within Indonesia.

It lives in groups of up to 9 individuals, consisting of a dominant male, a few females, and their offspring. While they mostly eat roots, shoots leaves and fallen fruit, it also eats carrion as well as insects and invertebrates. 

Breeding takes place at any time of the year, and young are born after 4-5 months. As many as 8 can be born, but the average is 2.

Their biggest threat is an expanding human population – particularly through habitat lost to farming. While there is plenty of so-called protected land, hunting goes on within these places, as well as deforestation meaning they loose habitat.

There is cave art on the island from 45,000 years ago which shows this species.

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