Borneo bearded Pig photo credit Quinet​

Borneo bearded Pig

The Borneo bearded pig, also known as the Sunda bearded pig, is restricted to It is found in Southeast Asia—Sumatra, Borneo, the Malay Peninsula, and various smaller islands like in Sulu archipelago such as Tawi-Tawi, where it inhabits rainforests and mangrove forests.

Being capable of having young at only 18 months, and is able to cross-breed with any other member of the Sus family.

The two subspecies of this pig are:

  • S. b. barbatus (the nominate subspecies)
  • S. b. oi (western bearded pig)

While the long-term belief was that the main species was from Borneo (and also found on Sulu archipelago in the Philippines (though this population may well be extinct), with the subspecies found from the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra, more recent genetic evidence suggests that this is not correct. Instead The nominate subspecies is found in Borneo and and the Malay Peninsular, with the western bearded pig subspecies restricted to just Sumatra. There is also a population found on the Bangka Island, which appears to lie genetically, somewhere between these two subspecies.

The Palawan bearded pig was considered another subspecies until relatively recently, when genetic evidence showed how long these two species had been split.

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