Black Mangabey

The black crested mangabey (also known as the black mangabey( is a species of primate in the family of old world monkeys from Africa. It is only found in Democratic Republic of the Congo with a small habitat extending to Angola (though it is possible that it is extinct is Angola). 

Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry forests. It is threatened by habitat loss and unregulated hunting for the bush meat trade (they are often targeted  because the are bigger than many monkeys in the same area). They are still found through much of the DRC, though their range is now patchy due to deforestation. In the little areas which are still suitable they spend the majority of their time foraging between the middle and upper canopy – they prefer primary and secondary tropical forests – though generally prefer either areas which are undisturbed, or have regrown after clearing. Some can also be found in swamp and gallery forests.

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They are currently listed as vulnerable, 

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