Asian Green_bee-eater Charles J. Sharp CC BY SA 4.0

Asian Green_bee-eater

The Asian green bee-eater is found in the green areas on the map to the right. This includes the whole of India as well as areas of South-east mainland Asia east of India. It is resident in these areas, though is known in places to move where it lives during different seasons.

Like other bee-eaters, it digs a tunnel into a mud bank, which can be 1m deep.

There are 4 recognized subspecies

  • M. o. beludschicus (M. o. biludschicus) Iran to Pakistan (paler colours with a blue throat)
  • M. o. orientalis in India and Sri Lanka (has head and neck tinged with rufous).
  • M. o. ferrugeiceps (birmanus) in northeastern India, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam (has rufous crown, mane and mantle).
  • M. o. ceylonicus in Sri Lanka has the nape and hindneck with more pronounced golden brown sheen often included within the nominate race
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