Amur Tiger

Russia hosts one of the hardiest tigers to see. However, there are now around 500 Amur tigers roaming the remote far east of Russia, up from less than 40 in the 1940s,  this population has also had great gains. Unfortunately there is little habitat for this population to grow much more, however recent genetic analysis has shown that the Amur tiger and the Caspian tiger (which lived in the far west of Russia, as well as various other countries around here like Turkey) is not distinct enough to be a separate subspecies. As such, should space be found here, perhaps Amur tigers should be translocated west to repopulate these long empty tiger ranges.

We hope to add places where you can see this subspecies of tiger, as this is the best way to make sure that they remain in the wild – it gives them a financial value to the people who live alongside them. Should you work in tourism do consider working with us, we charge nothing for being listed, so there is zero risk. We only get a commission if we find business for you. Should you work in conservation, we would also be interested in hearing from you, and potentially publishing news about your conservation work – become a member (it is free) to find out more.

Below here is a video of an encounter with a wild amur tiger in its home range, below that is a list of any blogposts on this website, which mentions this species. Below that we will list all the places where you can see this species in the wild.

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