Asian Golden Cat or Temmink's Cat, catopuma temmincki, Adult

African golden cat

Oddly, although they look similar, African and Asian Golden cats are not closely related, so clearly their looks given them an advantage in the forests of Africa and Asia, which is the habitat that they are found in on both continents.

Like the Asiatic Golden cat, it is rarely seen and poorly studied. It is currently listed as near threatened, with its status in Uganda being vulnerable. The simple fact is, is that it is rarely seen and therefore we know very little about how it lives.

What is clear, though, is that as it lives in rainforests, at relatively low densities, it is a species that will be hit hard if we continue to cut down the worlds rainforests.

As we make links we hope to add places you can visit, in the hopes of seeing this species (though it should be noted, that this is a rarely seen species). These will be below the video and the list of articles (below this information). Do reach out if you work in this field, as we would love to work with you, and help people find you for their wilderness trips.

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