Irony of bolsonaro who denied the seriousness of coronavirus now has contracted it

With one of the worst outbreaks in the world rapidly catching up with the state of the American outbreak in Brazil is quite scary. President jair bolsonaro has continually mocked coronavirus as the little flu and despite being ordered by various parts of the Brazilian authorities to wear a mask has continually refused to do so and downplayed the need of those in the public.

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Holiday-plenty of articles scheduled

I’m going away with my family for the next two weeks. There are many articles scheduled over that period, however the holiday is largely wildlife orientated I felt it was saying what I’m doing.

Generally if you wish to go on a wildlife holiday people travel abroad, and while there is a great deal of fascinating wildlife all over the world, there is also a surprisingly large amount on our doorstep.

We are heading to three wild parts of the country. 

Firstly we are heading to the forest of Dean, I’ve talked about this in past and hope in the near future to put together something that will help other people go and experience the boring forest of Dean for themselves. I hope that we manage to see some.

Then we are hot heading to Cardigan bay where we will hopefully watch the dolphins

Finally we are heading down to Devon for a weekend to visit the River otter and see some of the signs of beavers-and perhaps if we’re lucky the beavers themselves as well.

There are many articles that I have written that haven’t been published, so I will put those up.if anything big happens I will try to put up a posting while I’m away,but otherwise this is why I’m not commenting on what is happening at the time.

Tim welby

The fear about methane leaking from the melting permafrost

While there are still some people arguing that carbon dioxide is not a greenhouse gas that causes warming, for all those not in denial this has been known for at least several decades.

Methane is a far more powerful warming gas, roughly 30 times the warming potential of carbon dioxide. Methane is a gas that is caused by a number of different factors. It is potentially one of the biggest impacts that cattle have on the environment as they release a great deal of methane during their digestive processes.

However a bigger cause of methane buildup is its release from things that are breaking down, be they animal bodies or simply dead plant material.

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Raccoon dogs living wild in the UK

Raccoon dogs, a species from Asia, have been found living wild in the UK in recent times.

Wild Racoon dog, naturally found in Asia

Despite being a dangerous animal, likely to attack humans, up until early last year they were bred in the UK as pets. Thankfully now only existing animals can be sold, they cannot be bred.

They are capable of doing significant damage to the British countryside and any sighting should be reported.

Swarm of ants is so big it appears on a weather map as a cloud

A met office map showed a swarm of ants on its weather predictions because the size of it was so large it looks like cloud. Measuring around 50 miles across over Kent and Sussex, it’s not surprising it was mistaken for a weather event.

It’s not the first time that something like this has happened, but it is still amusing to see insects appearing on weather maps.

There are big concerns about the effect of coronavirus on wild populations

While coronavirus is unlikely to decimate wildlife populations, a lack of rangers and guards stopping the killing of recovering species could undo 50 years of work.

Without guards and rangers, a couple of months in the Kruger uncontested by a rhino poaching gang, could see the world losing thousands on rhino.

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Fires rage across the Amazon

Despite rules to the country, and constant promises by the Brazilian government, fires continue to burn across the Amazon. More importantly, the majority of these fires appear to have been set deliberately to clear land rather than as natural events.

It is not surprising that this has carried on, as as although Jair Bolsonaro’s government is pushing this rule against burning, his own actions have demonstrated his opposition to this rule constantly.

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