For me, and many people, there is nothing more exciting than a close encounter with a wild animal. Modern day life is so far removed from the natural world, but almost anywhere in the world we can without any warning suddenly have an encounter with one of the animals we share the world with. If you live in the UK as I do, or many of the built up regions of the world, generally the animal in question is unlikely to cause you physical harm (unless for instance it is a deer and you hit it with your car!). Indeed it is sad that for most people of the UK you are more likely to see road kill than the live animal.

However, in the world we live in it is relatively easy to travel and so many of us have been to places where encounters with large or dangerous animals is possible. If like me this concept (however remote a chance)  is appealing then the places I will be reviewing will be of interest.

There are several aims of this website:

To make it easier for people to arrange wildlife watching trips. This will initially include reviews of wild areas and national parks that I have visited (or other people). But is likely to also include more peripheral issues, such as flights, things to take, product reviews etc.

To create a place to discuss news about wildlife and wild places in the world. This will take a blog type format. This will talk about conservation work, as well as climate change, government policy etc.

To create a space to talk about wild encounters that people have had.

Eventually there is also an aim to be able to do reviews of little visited protected areas, thereby encouraging more people to visit them.